30. November 2011

Christmas is coming

Presents from me to me.
Dior Hypnotic Poison Eau de Parfume
Lancome Le Vernis 102 Golden Heat Foundation
( with golden glitter, perfect for christmas or? )

25. November 2011

22. November 2011

10. November 2011


Date with my 4 bf
yummy salad
outfit of today
Mika (cat of my parents)

(Pics via Blackberry)

7. November 2011


Wonderful present from my boy today. ( Vintage)

Boy i never knew i could feel they way i felt, when i met you i could never forget you
and boy when you look my way i realize more and more i adore your pretty eyes 

Baby i love you
You know i need you
Gotta have you
Cant be without you 

5. November 2011

New day

So much we got to say
But so little time
And if tonight ain't long enough
Don't leave love behind

2. November 2011

New make up stuff

NYX Powder
Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Violett