30. Januar 2011

28. Januar 2011

19. Januar 2011

Waiting for

Yesterday I saw this two beauties and I must have them.
From Asos.

9. Januar 2011

Need you

I need a lot of sleep..
I need sun on my skin...
I need my Babe...

8. Januar 2011


Last week to much work.
No time for anything, hate this.
Hope next week will be more free time for me...

2. Januar 2011

Relaxing weekend

Love those weekends you spend all the time in your bathrobe,
 watching movies,  eat your favorite food and relax on the couch with the boy.
Maybe take a walk in the city and drink a hot chocolate in our favorite coffee shop.

1. Januar 2011

Happy new Year

Change my nails in to pink, think fits a lot better to my dress.
Me and my boy went to a memorial place and see the firework around our city.
After that we went to a little club.
Hope you all had a wonderful night whatever you have done.