16. Juni 2013

True love will find you in the end

So, here we go..first pics from AMAZING New York City!
Can´t describe how much i love this city!
Want to go back, now!

18. Mai 2013

Big Apple ... here we come..

Pic from weheartit.com

Now I`m packing my bag and I hate it... ha ha..

But for this!! City what can I say....Love

9. März 2013

I wanna be with u everywhere

Jacket H&M,  fake fur Asos, Blouse H&M, Bag LV, Boots Zara

Yes you see my favorite coat now...

21. Februar 2013

19. Februar 2013

18. Februar 2013

Started from the Bottom

Food box
New coat by h&m
Valentine`s dinner
Valentine`s cake for the boy
New York here we come! 19.5. - 25.5.2013 Jeah!
New clothes

21. Januar 2013